Suzanne McKee

Endo Panel Member

Suzanne is an experienced endometriosis campaigner and a key member of Endo Warriors West Lothian.

Her long endometriosis journey started aged 11, told by doctors her pain "was just a bad period & my body would grow into them!” Those words resonated with her for many years. After several years of hormone treatment she underwent a laparoscopy that still did not result in diagnosis. It was only much later when she and her husband decided to start a family that she underwent a second laparoscopy and was finally diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis, 22 years after her first symptoms. Placed in a chemically-induced menopause it made everything worse and she continued to struggle.

A referral to Fertility brought more sad news; a PCOS diagnosis and accompanying low AMH levels meant Suzanne couldn't get pregnant naturally. The pandemic followed, delaying their hopes of fertility treatment even further. But after nearly 7 years and a lot of heartache, Suzanne and her husband welcomed their Rainbow Miracle!

Suzanne says: "this is why I am such a strong advocate for change in how gynaecological conditions are treated/diagnosed. I wouldn’t have made it through this journey & be able to speak up about change if I hadn’t been part of this amazing independent support group (Endo Warriors West Lothian). My hope is my daughter will never have to fight as hard as I did to be listened to. To have her voice heard. To be believed!"

Find out more about Endo Warriors West Lothian on Instagram @endowarriorswl

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