Kathleen King

Medical Scientist and Endo Panel Member

Kathleen (she/her) is a Medical Scientist and an influential advocate for endometriosis in Ireland, and has dedicated over 25 years to raising awareness and support for those affected by this debilitating condition. As the former Chairperson of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland and one of the founding members of the World Endometriosis Organisations, Kathleen actively collaborates with healthcare professionals, patient organisations, and policymakers to improve diagnosis, treatment options, and support services. She organises educational seminars, awareness campaigns, and fundraising events both locally and internationally. She is a member of the review group for ESHRE Endometriosis Guidelines. Through her online platforms, Kathleen provides a supportive community for individuals living with endometriosis. Her extensive experience and research into the impact of the Internet on endometriosis diagnosis and treatment have further enriched her advocacy efforts.

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