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Discomfort and inconvenience have become synonymous with periods and an accepted reality. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding your menstrual health lets you be aware of what your normal is and when things are out of the ordinary. 


Gynaecological health issues such as Endometriosis can take a long time to diagnose.

It takes up to 9 years to get a proper diagnosis.

Symptoms can be overlooked or aren’t properly tracked. Misdiagnosis is common and can cause delay in getting you the right treatment. Be informed and get reliable information on what endometriosis is, what to look out for, and how to manage if you have it. 

"I am always in pain, and in the extremities, I suffer horrendously and the onset of these debilitating episodes are so sudden. I have been in the middle of everyday life and within five minutes, have found myself lying on the floor, crying, rolling around and trying to crunch my body into a ball of comfort until the strongest of painkillers take some effect. And even when they do take effect, not only do I feel hazy, but the pain is still there, just less intense."

@endo.periods.etc, Joii Endo Panel Member


Equipped with cutting-edge technology and leading research, we take a full whole-health approach to period care that’s personal to you – because taking charge of your menstrual health is as personal as it gets. 

The App

Get the full picture of your overall gynaecological health with accurate tracking of bleeding volume and period symptoms so you know what’s your normal.  

Period Care

Building high-quality, sustainable period care products so you can have confidence you’re protected from leakage with ultimate comfort. 

Joii Labs

Advancing women's health is at the forefront of what we do. Using scientific insights to understand conditions better and create game-changing technology and products to help improve people's lives.


My journey to creating Joii started out with a personal need to find better period care products. I tried so many options, and after years of searching I realised the product category lacked the innovation and development it deserved, resulting in people like me feeling let down. So many brands over-promised and under-delivered, and now the addition of (often superficial) sustainability claims.

I felt a need to bring real innovation and honest sustainability to this category. So I started Joii Labs initially to research better solutions. Discoveries we made resulted in multiple patent applications, and ignited a desire to bring these advancements to market. It's exciting and I can't wait to share our developments with you!

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